The Ring


2004, 92 minutes, English/French/Bosnian, colour, stereo, super16 mm

World premiere: Jihlava IDDF 2004
Winner: Best Central European Documentary Film 2004

Encounters with European artists, West African goldminers, Bosnian camp survivors. A vision of human values, and their absence, in the 90's.


European artists frame the openness of the world in works of art. In gold mines in Africa, slaves dig for precious metal, and the story of the camps in Bosnia can only be told by those who survived them. This documentary epic brings the value of art into direct confrontation with its own extinction. It searches for a lost ring, a sense of connection, mapping at the same time the brokenness of the 90s. And the circle closes fifteen years after the first scene was filmed, 1989 - 2004. This circle is a documentary oddessy that encounters its nemesis in a picaresque philosopher who contemplates nothingness, and an essay that must step past the graves in Burkina Faso and Bosnia. A life's work gathered into a circle by an author who searches for his own intimate Ithaca, a place that touches Scotland and Slovenia, a refuge from the nihilism he encounters. The Ring represents a spiritual place where the author finds himself and into which he situates all that surrounds him...

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