Call For A Constitution

This project, built around the poem Call for a Constitution, stems from a personal quest to initiate a discussion around a constitution for Scotland. The project aims to move towards a contract between a people and a government built from the core question "what kind of country do you wish to live in?"

The artist describes the poem as a "marker that I hope can help to define a consensus". For this reason he is installing the poem in venues around Scotland in the period August – September 2012. The aim is to explore the perspective of different communities on this issue, and to collect those viewpoints. The poem itself aims to define shared values in a memorable way and to be as simple as possible: for the values to be counted out on one hand.

You can contribute to this discussion in a number of ways:

  • by leaving a mark on the response wall beside the poem
  • by sending an image to be projected in the Scottish Parliament
  • by adding a comment to the blog
  • by coming along in person to join the discussion in the Scottish Parliament on the 25th September at 6pm.

The installation is being made to run simultaneously from mid-August to the end of September 2012 at the following venues:

...and it will be present in The Scottish Parliament from the 17th – 28th September.

In each venue the public is invited to interact with the installation, and this interaction will be represented in the parliament. It will be 'live' - which is to say that as marks are made on the 'response walls' in any of the venues, then that mark will be projected directly into the parliament, and form part of the installation.

Photographs of the 'response walls' can be uploaded to Flickr at anytime, or by emailing images to info@angusreid.co.uk.

Angus Reid will give an illustrated talk to present the project at each venue, and this will culminate in a presentation to MSPs at the Scottish Parliament on the 25th September at 6pm: those interested in contributing to that discussion are welcome, and the intention is to invite at least one person, or group, from each of the twelve locations, and to be able to host anyone that is interested. Entry to that event is limited to 70 people, and must be arranged by sending an email to this address: info@angusreid.co.uk

This way – by being there – is the best way to contribute.

The project is supported by Creative Scotland.

Download this documentation (PDF 1.2 MB)